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Squid and octopus

Common octopus (Madako)
Common octopus (Madako)

Common octopus (Madako)

What is Tako?
Common octopus (Madako) is often used as a sushi topping and comes into season twice a year, in summer and Late autumn. It is said that Akashi’s Octopus “walk on its feet” since its limbs are firm. The sushi chef makes small zigzag cuts so called Kazari boucho on the surface, and its flesh is pounded with the corner of knife and then rolled into sushi. The firm texture and faint sweetness spreads in the mouth. There is also a dish called “sakura-ni” which offers a tasty tender octopus flesh.

Trivia : There are fewer and fewer sushi restaurants that buy live octopus in the market and then boil it themselves recently. The flavor of the octopus is greatly influenced by the boiling method. If boiled for too long, some of the depth of flavor is lost, while if the boiling time is too short, the texture becomes limp.

Main production area

Setonaikai Kyushu Mie

Famous production area

Akashi Sajima


Summer・Late autumn