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Squid and octopus

A photo of aori ika nigiri
Bigfin reef squid (Aori ika)

Bigfin reef squid (Aori ika)

【Nigiri sushi: Ika (Squid)】
What does Aoriika (Bigfin reef squid) nigiri sushi taste like?
Bigfin reef squid has the highest glycine amino acid content of any squid, which gives it a sweet taste. Its delicious flavor has been scientifically proven. It is one of the more expensive sushi ingredients due to its scarcity. The sushi chef shows off impeccable knife skills making small cuts (Kakushi boucho) on its firm flesh in order to make it easier to bite and bring out the sweetness in the flesh. It is often served with salt and sudachi(small citrus fruit similar to Yuzu).

Trivia: The main components of the sweetness and umami flavor of Bigfin reef squid are amino acids such as glycine, alanine and proline, and glycine especially emphasizes the sweetness.

Also called Oval squid.

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List of Squid (Ika) and Octopus (Tako)

Main production area

Chiba Aichi

Famous production area

Sajima Futtsu Owase