White flesh

Chum salmon Keiji (Keiji)
Chum salmon Keiji (Keiji)

Chum salmon Keiji (Keiji)

【Nigiri sushi: Shiromi
Sake (Chum salmon) usually hatch in rivers in Hokkaido and parts of Tohoku on the Pacific side, spend four years at sea, and then return to the river where they were born to spawn. The term "Sake" in Japan usually refers to "Shirozake," which is also called "Akizake" because they are caught when they return to the rivers where they were born during the spawning season from September to November.

Chum salmon Keiji are young, fatty salmon born in the Amur River in Russia and caught during their migration from Shiretoko to the Abashiri area. The salmon swim upstream, use up all the energy they have to live and finish spawning. Because they are still growing, their ovaries and testes are immature. Therefore, they store more fat than normal salmon. The catch is only about 1 or 2 keiji for every 10,000 normal sake, and it is said to be a rare salmon.

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