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White flesh fish

A photo of kawahagi sushi
Filefish (Kawahagi)

Filefish (Kawahagi)

What is Kawahagi? What does kawahagi taste like?
Kawahagi lives in environments with shallow, sandy floors and reefs such as the seas from Hokkaido southward and the East China sea. They grow up to 30 cm in length and have hard scales and thick skin. It got its name because it can be eaten after taking the skin off (kawahagi). The skin is so tough that it can be used as an artificial file. With an adequate amount of fat on the flesh, a firm and elastic texture can be enjoyed. Sushi with thinly sliced fish and a piece of Filefish(kawahagi)liver is a special treat.

Also called Threadsail filefish or Skin-peeler or Porky

Main production area

Chiba Kanagawa Oita

Famous production area



Late autumn-Winter