Squid and octopus

A photo of Hotaru ika nigiri
Firefly squid (Hotaru ika)

Firefly squid (Hotaru ika)

【Nigiri sushi: Ika (Squid)】
What is Hotaruika?
Hordes of firefly squid emerge from March to early June every year in Toyama bay for spawning. The scene of firefly squid glowing bluish-white light in their nets is depicted in the springtime lore of Toyama prefecture. You can find it prepared in sushi in both boiled and raw forms. As a rule, when consumed raw, the innards are removed first. The lightly boiled meat is soft and the umami of the rich liver spreads an enjoyable sensation through your mouth.

The firefly squid is rich in retinol, one type of Vitamin A, with an even higher content than found in beef liver. That means has effects such as helping to maintain the health of the mucous membranes of eyes and skin, making them stronger.

Also called Sparkling enope squid.

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