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Silver-skinned fish

A photo of aji sushi
Horse mackerel (Aji)

Horse mackerel (Aji)

What is Aji?
When the term ‘aji’ is used, it generally means ‘maaji’. Maaji includes both ‘kiaji’ which lives along the coast and has a pale yellowish brown colored back, and ‘kuroaji’ which migrates offshore out at sea and is black all over. However, the fish markets don’t distinguish between these. Aji is caught all over Japan and each type has slightly different spawning periods, so you can find some sort of aji to try any time of year.

What does Aji sushi taste like?
Silvery shiny skin of aji (horse mackerel). Enjoy sushi with firm texture and sweetness of fat. Mackerels are caught all through year at different locations although it becomes the tastiest during summer. Aji Nigiri-sushi prepared with Sujime goes well with wasabi, and when served raw, is paired with ginger because it brings out the flavor of fresh Aji.

Trivia : In recent years, the nonmigratory horse mackerel, with a yellow tinged body is popular. Seasonings decorated with a combination of chopped ginger and chives.

Also called Atlantic horse mackerel or Jack mackerel or Rough scad or Saurel.

Main production area

Nagasaki Shimane Miyazaki Ehime

Famous production area

Awaji Island Saganoseki