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Silver-skinned fish

A photo of kasugo sushi
Young crimson sea bream (Kasugo)

Young crimson sea bream (Kasugo)

What is kasugo?
Kasugo is young sea bream. Originally Kasugo refers to young Chidai (Crimson sea-bream), but recently it is also used for young Madai (Red sea-bream) and Kidai (Eellowback sea-bream).

Apparently, the term Kasugo evolved from the word “kasukko”. Kasukko means “the baby of the family”, in other words, the smallest child, and this word was used to also mean “small sea bream”.

What does Kasugo taste like?
Fish meat of pale pink evokes an image of spring. Enjoy sushi with slight yet palatable sweetness beneath the tender skin. Although Tai is classified as white fish, Kasugo is classified as a silver-skin fish.

Also called Young crimson sea bream.

Main production area

Nagasaki Ehime Hyougo Fukuoka

Famous production area

Wakasa Sajima