Prawn and crab

A photo of Kegani nigiri
Horsehair crab (Kegani)

Horsehair crab (Kegani)

【Nigiri sushi: Ebi/Kani】
What is kegani?
Kegani (Horsehair crab) is found from various locations on the coast of Hokkaido down to Ibaraki Prefecture on the Pacific Ocean side and to Shimane Prefecture on the Sea of Japan side. It mainly lives in sandy seafloors at depths shallower than 150 m in waters with temperatures of 15℃ or lower.

Both the meat and innards of Horsehair crab are delicious. It tastes great even if just boiled and eaten as-is, but it is a pain to eat. It’s really difficult to pull the meat out of the shell. Even if you do get it out, it’s somewhat watery. Basically, the crab meat just isn’t enough as a standalone sushi topping. This is where the efforts of the sushi chef come in. They start by boiling the entire crab and then carefully removing the shell. Next, they remove the moisture and mix the meat with the innards to form crab meat balls. Making this into sushi results in a piece with a dense richness amidst a sweetness, and a soft aftertaste. There is other crab, such as the Swimming Crab, prepared in the same way.

【Substitute fish】
Helmet crab: Telmessus cheiragonus (Tilesius, 1812)

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List of Prawn (Ebi) and Crab (Kani)

Main production area

Hokkaido Iwate

Famous production area

Abashiri Monbetsu


Spring – Summer (Okhotsk Sea), Autumn (Kushiro Nemuro), Winter (Tokachi)