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Prawn and crab

A photo of Zuwaigani nigiri sushi
Snow crab (Zuwaigani)

Snow crab (Zuwaigani)

【Nigiri sushi: Ebi/Kani】
What is Zuwaigani?
Zuwaigani live in the Japan Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk. The shells of males are about 15 cm in width, and the females’ shells are 7 to 8 cm wide. The names of these crabs differ depending on region. Males are called Matsuba-gani or Echizen-gani while females are called Seiko-gani or Kobako-gani.

What does Zuwaigani (Snow crab) nigiri sushi taste like?
Since Zuwaigani is not regular Edomae sushi material, it isn’t always chosen by sushi chef. Although the leg part of male crab are preferred as sushi ingredient because it has tender yet fine texture and distinctive sweet taste. Imports from countries such as Russia and Canada are more and more consumed nowadays.

Zuwaigani contains high levels of free amino acids. There are sweet taste component in glycine or alanine, umami taste component in glutamic acid, and bitter taste component in arginine. Because all these are balanced well, they produce such unique delicious taste.

Also called Tanner crab or Queen crab.

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List of Prawn (Ebi) and Crab (Kani)

Main production area

Hyougo Tottori Ishikawa Fukui

Famous production area

Fukui (Echizengani) Ishikawa (Kanougani) Tottori (Matsubagani) Taiza (Taizagani)