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Japanese whiting (Kisu)

Japanese whiting (Kisu)

【Nigiri sushi: Hikarimono
What does Kisu (Japanese whiting) nigiri sushi taste like?
Generally, Kisu refers to Shirogisu (Japanese whiting), which has been long loved as an ingredient in Edomae sushi. After lightly Kobujime is done, a fresh and fine flavor of the fish ingredient can be enjoyed with shari. It appears around springtime and is especially popular with sushi aficionados as "a prime ingredient" for sushi in the summer.

The amino acid that protein is composed of is sweet because it contains high amounts of lysine and glutamic acid. If the Japanese whiting is matured from the time the work is done until it is served to the customer, it generates a flavor in the fish that goes very well with the acidic taste of vinegar (in the shari).

Also called Silver whiting.

【Substitute fish】
A closely related species, Amegisu (Bass strait whiting), is imported from Australia, but it is a little darker in color and less beautiful, so it is not suitable for sushi restaurants. The Amegisu (Silver sillago) was also a popular catch in Tokyo Bay in the past. Unfortunately, they are not as tasty as Shirogisu (Japanese sillago). Northern whiting (Motogisu) may also have been used in conveyor-belt sushi restaurants.

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