A photo of Shiitake sushi
Shiitake mushroom (Shiitake)

Shiitake mushroom (Shiitake)

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What is Shiitake?
Shiitake mushrooms cultivated in natural wood grown at the foot of Mt. Amagi are thick, fleshy and very delicious. Once you try one you will never forget it. They are prepared by lightly broiling the raw shiitake, marinating in a sauce with a sake to soy sauce ratio of 5:1, then broiling again. After that, it is used for the topping of sushi with the shiitake bottom-side-up, which is also topped with a few drops of yuzu. The unity of the shiitake’s umami and the Shari make it an exquisite piece.

The second sushi master Soukichi Sugiyama, at Sushikou Honten in Ginza, create d shiitake (mushroom) sushi about 90 years ago. Showing him respect, today his apprentices make them as well.

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