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A photo of Kihada maguro sushi
Yellowfin tuna (Kihada maguro)

Yellowfin tuna (Kihada maguro)

What is Kihada maguro?
Kihada maguro is found over a wide area in the tropics and temperate regions. The ideal water temperatures for Kihada meguro is 20 to 28°C, which is higher than Mebachi maguro, so most fishing spots are concentrated in the seas around 25 degrees latitude where they swim at the sea’s surface level. As the name “kihada” which means “yellow skin”, the fish is characterized by its yellow color. The yellow dorsal fin and tailfin grow long when the fish is an adult. This is the most commonly fished tuna and there are ample resources. Kihada maguro accounts for over 30% of the tuna consumed in Japan and it is used for sushi toppings, sashimi and processed goods. It is a slightly paler red color than kuromaguro. It also has a lighter texture than kuromaguro and there are many people who appreciate that. It is especially popular as both sashimi and sushi topping in Kansai, where the local preference is lighter taste.

Main production area

Shizuoka Miyagi Kochi Miyazaki