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Squid and octopus

A photo of shin ika sushi
Baby Golden cuttlefish (Shin ika)

Baby Golden cuttlefish (Shin ika)

Shin ika is the name for Golden cuttlefish before it reaches maturity, with "shin" meaning "new." Caught only during summer and highly valued among so-called “sushi connoisseur”. It will melt in the mouth like snowflakes. Each bite gives you a tastiness, sweetness of squid flesh and fine flavor.

Hashiri Shin ika goes for over $500 per kilogram. At about 20 squid per kilogram, the cost of one piece of sushi is $25. This price is comparable to Otoro.

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Main production area

Fukuoka Yamaguchi Shimane

Famous production area

Izumi Amakusa