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Green sea urchin (Bafun uni) Green sea urchin (Bafun uni)

Green sea urchin (Bafun uni)

Green sea urchins are found from the southern areas of Hokkaido down to Kyushu. Since they have a low yield, most are consumed locally. Besides Japan, many are imported from South Korea, China, the US, Canada, Chile and other places. The most commonly eaten green sea urchins are Short-spined sea urchins, which are valued as the highest quality of sea urchin. Every sack of sea urchin tastes sweet and melts in your mouth. This sushi topping has a rich ocean flavor and goes well with dry wine or champagne.

Trivia:The thing we eat as " Sea urchin" is actually Sea urchin's gonad. And how to recognize the gender of sea urchins is to see the color of its gonad. Male gonad is deep yellow and female gonad is orange nearly red. The male gonad tastes more sweeter and rich.

Main production area

Fukui Ishikawa Yamaguchi Fukuoka