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A photo of aka uni nigiri sushi
Red sea urchin (Aka uni)

Red sea urchin (Aka uni)

【Nigiri sushi: Gyoran】
What is Aka uni?
Aka uni’s shell is 5-8 cm in diameter but the height is only 2-3 cm, giving the appearance that it has been slightly squashed. The spines are short, a full red-brown color but without the sharp tips. They share a habitat with the Murasaki uni so they often get caught with them. They don’t have the bitterness that is unique to sea urchin and they have a good aftertaste. They are delicate and have a light sweetness to them. The spawning season is from October to November.

Aka uni (Red sea urchin) is an expensive and rarely available sushi ingredient. One can barely enjoy this delicacy even at an exclusive restaurant. It often impresses foodies with its thick sweetness and rich taste.

Also called Depressed sea urchin.

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