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A photo of chutoro nigiri
Medium Fatty Tuna (Chutoro)

Medium Fatty Tuna (Chutoro)

【Nigiri sushi: Akami
What is Chutoro?
The meat quality of chutoro is between akami and otoro, but to be precise, it has different fat content and fiber softness depending on its position: closer to akami, further from akami and closer to the skin, or closer to otoro on the belly side, since it is encased in akami. Therefore, when making sushi, the iron-rich akami portion and the fatty chutoro portion should be evenly distributed. In this way, one can enjoy a mixture of the two flavors.

The fat content of chutoro is about 15-20%. Toro can also be obtained from Senaka, but it is all Chutoro. Some people call it Setoro or Shotoro or Wakaremi. Setoro is found between the muscle that moves the dorsal fin and the fat on the skin, so it has the richness, acidity, and aroma characteristic of Akami, as well as the sweetness of Toro fat.

However, there are very few parts of the fish that are good enough to be called Setoro, and only a few hundred grams can be obtained from each Bluefin tuna. Incidentally, the name Shotoro was first used by Ryuichi Yui (deceased), the third generation owner of the famous Kizushi restaurant (㐂寿司) in Ningyocho.

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