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Prawn and crab

A photo of  Guiana pink nigiri
Redspotted shrimp (Guiana pink)

Redspotted shrimp (Guiana pink)

【Nigiri sushi: Ebi/Kani】
What is Guiana pink ebi?
This shrimp is found in the Atlantic Ocean on the African coast and on the American coast from the Caribbean to Brazil. The maximum standard length is 17.0 cm. Adults live in bottom mud or sand of marine habitats, juveniles in estuarine environments. Adults may also be found in a lagoon. It is also called New Guinea pink, the names are confusing. Like Mexico brown, it is often used as a sushi topping. There is one round spot on the outside of each one that doesn’t disappear, even with boiling, so it’s even easy for an amateur to tell the difference.

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List of Prawn (Ebi) and Crab (Kani)

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