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A photo of Whiteleg shrimp nigiri
Whiteleg shrimp (Vannamei ebi)

Whiteleg shrimp (Vannamei ebi)

【Nigiri sushi: Ebi/Kani】
What is Vannamei ebi?
Vannamei ebi weighs between 15 to 18 g per shrimp. It is a dominant shrimp culture species in the world. Adults occur at depths from 0 to 72 m in bottom mud marine and Juveniles are found in estuarine environment. The farming has increased rapidly because it grows quickly, it is efficient for aquaculture and the body is prettier than the Black tiger shrimp so it looks attractive in the shop. It turns red when boiled and the sweetness and firm texture are just as good as the Kuruma prawn and Black tiger. It is boiled once until it turns red and then frozen before being sold. When it is alive the Vannamei ebi is pure black and turns pure white as it loses its freshness, so it’s easy to tell how fresh it is. Just “shrimp” at conveyor belt sushi refers to this type.

Vannamei ebi has a strong sweetness but little coloration and thin flesh. It also lacks the flavor of shrimp, and immediately feels like a cheap shrimp. However, it is necessary to have it as a decoration for a seafood bowl or nigiri set that does not have shrimp on it. The price of US$1 for two pieces of sushi topping would not be possible without Vannamei ebi, which costs only about US$0.3 for two pieces, making the restaurant a profitable business.

Also called Pacific white shrimp (Scientific name: Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931))

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