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A photo of ezobafun uni nigiri
Short-spined sea urchin (Ezobafun uni)

Short-spined sea urchin (Ezobafun uni)

【Nigiri sushi: Gyoran】
What is Ezobafununi?
Ezobafun uni (Short-spined sea urchin) is distributed in the Tohoku region to Hokkaido from the intertidal zone to depths of up to 70 m. Their shell diameter is approximately 5 cm. The spines are short, dull dark green, or purplish. The spawning season is from July to October.

What does Ezobafun uni (Short-spined sea urchin) nigiri sushi taste like?
Valued as the highest quality of sea urchin. Ezobafun uni has a fine texture and when you take a bite you’ll notice its sticky sweetness as it gently melts in your mouth, leaving a unique, strong aftertaste. It is mainly eaten as Gunkan-maki.

What is the difference between Short-spined sea urchins and Green sea urchins?
While they are very similar to Green sea urchins (Bafun uni), Short-spined sea urchins (Ezobafun uni) are a size larger and have thick spines. Green sea urchins are 5cm in diameter and Short-spined sea urchins are 10cm in diameter. Green sea urchins are distributed from the southern areas of Hokkaido down to Kyushu. Short-spined sea urchins are mainly distributed in the Hokkaido and Tohoku areas. The most commonly eaten green sea urchins that are Short-spined sea urchins.

When comparing Ezobafun uni and Kitamurasaki uni, the former is rich and the latter is light. However, when sushi rice is added, the evaluation changes drastically. The sushi rice can make or break the taste of sea urchin.

If you ask a long-established Edomae sushi restaurant to choose between the two, they will often use Kitamurasaki uni. This is because their sushi rice is made to match the delicate toppings.

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