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A photo of hoshigarei nigiri sushi
Spotted halibut (Hoshigarei)

Spotted halibut (Hoshigarei)

【Nigiri sushi: Shiromi
What is Hoshigarei?
Hoshigarei (Spotted Halibut) is found from central Honshu southward, around the Korean Peninsula and in the northern part of the East China Sea. It can grow to 70 cm in length. Its fins are speckled with black spots.

What does Hoshigarei(Spotted halibut) nigiri sushi taste like?
It is the most prestigious of Karei (flatfish) and those from Akashi in Hyogo Prefecture and Tokyo Bay are the best. Makogarei is more watery, so the body softens much faster than Hoshigarei. Once cleaned, it can only be used until the next day, if that. On the other hand, Hoshigarei keeps and can be used longer. It’s more convenient for sushi restaurants.

Barely seen in the marketplace since it is rare fish. Transparent and firm, yet slightly tender flesh. Every bite gives you a refined sweetness and refreshing aftertaste.

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