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Sushi rolls (Makimono)

A photo of kappa maki sushi
Cucumber roll (Kappa maki)

Cucumber roll (Kappa maki)

What is Kappa maki? What does Kappa maki taste like?
With thinly sliced cucumber, rice and sprinkled white sesame seeds are rolled with nori seaweed. Cucumber roll or “Kappa-maki” got its name from a Japanese imaginary creature “Kappa” whose favorite food was believed to be cucumber. Kappa-maki should be rolled in a way the cut end surface comes in square shape.

White sesame and chopped ooba (perilla) may be added before wrapping to bring out the flavor of the cucumber. This roll is crispy when biting into it and it leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. This is the perfect way to cleanse your palate after eating an especially fatty sushi topping.