Sushi roll (Makimono)

A photo of tekka maki sushi
Tuna roll (Tekka maki)

Tuna roll (Tekka maki)

What is Tekkamaki?
Norimaki sushi roll with red tuna and grated wasabi at the core. There are various theories as to the origin of the name Tekkamaki. The name tekkamaki roll came from the bright red tuna looking like burning iron in cross-section, and maki means roll.

Another theory is that it originated from the fact that it used to be an easy meal that could be eaten while gambling in a "tekka-ba," meaning gambling den, and because it was wrapped in nori seaweed, it was easy to eat without getting your hands dirty while gambling. This is similar to the origin of the word sandwich, which the Earl of Sandwich in England named because it could be eaten while playing games.

This simple dish provides an opportunity to quickly get a taste of the tuna’s umami, which makes the flavor of the raw ingredients all that more important. Edomae sushi rolls are made using toasted nori. Generally crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

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