Sushi roll (Makimono)

A photo of kanpyo maki sushi
Dried Gourd Shavings Sushi Roll (Kanpyo maki)

Dried Gourd Shavings Sushi Roll (Kanpyo maki)

What is Kanpyomaki?
Generally, kanpyo-maki is referred to as norimaki in Edomae sushi. Sushi rolled with sweet-simmered kanpyo (dried gourd strip). Sushi chef rolls quickly before crispy nori gets moist. Unlike other rolls, the kanpyo roll is cut into four pieces in order to make each piece bigger.

Since the dietary fiber contained in Kanpyo has the effect of increasing bifidus bacillus in the body, it is not only good for constipation, it also has dietary effects and can help prevent colon cancer and obesity by expelling impurities from the body. The appearance is a bit drab, but they are actually a superfood that I’m sure overseas celebrities would become obsessed with if they only knew. What is Kanpyo?

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