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White flesh fish

A photo of  suzuki nigiri
Japanese sea bass (Suzuki)

Japanese sea bass (Suzuki)

What is Suzuki?
The Japanese sea bass name changes as it grows, as if it is being promoted, starting with ‘seigo’, then ‘fukko’ and finally ‘suzuki’. The Suzuki comes into season in summer and has a delicious flavor that rivals the spring Madai, and winter Hirame. With every bite, you can enjoy the soft, chewy, sweetness of the white fish. Both the scent and taste are strong compared to other white fish such as sea bream and flounder.

The umami flavor is also concentrated in the skin fat where the skin meets the meat of the fish, so even when made into nigirisushi, it’s served with the skin still attached after being softened with hot water.

Also called Japanese sea perch or Bass.

【Substitute fish】
Largemouth bass: Micropterus salmoides
Nile perch: Lates niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Spotted sea bass: Lateolabrax maculatus (McClelland, 1844)
Striped jewfish: Stereolepis doederleini Lindberg and Krasyukova, 1969

Main production area

Chiba Hyougo Aichi Mie

Famous production area

TokyoBay  Sado