A photo of aoyagi nigiri sushi
Round clam (Aoyagi)

Round clam (Aoyagi)

【Nigiri sushi: Kai】
What is Aoyagi?
Aoyagi(Round clam)is another name for Bakagai shellfish and its legs are eaten. The bright orange colored flesh has a firm texture and its rich ocean flavor spreads in the mouth. The name Aoyagi came from its producing area, Aoyagi village (currently Ichihara city Chiba prefecture).

What does Bakagai taste like?
Bakagai (Round clam) flesh is similar to that of Hamaguri (Common orient clam) in composition. The protein content is about 11%, higher than Hamaguri's 6%. Fat content is 0.5% for both. Carotene content is 5㎍, which is high for shellfish. The amino acid composition of the protein is similar to that of Hamaguri. Most of the umami flavor comes from the amino acids. However, it has less glycine than Hotate (Common scallop), so it is not as sweet as Hotate, and the lack of succinic acid may be the reason why it seems a little less rich than Hamaguri.

Also called Hen clam or Surf clam or Rediated trough-shell.

Generally, shellfish has trace amounts of taurine, but there are copious amounts in round clam. This is a type of amino acid and is thought to be good for high blood pressure.

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Main production area

Chiba Aichi Hokkaido Kanagawa

Famous production area

Futtsu Notsuke