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A photo of hiramasa nigiri
Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)

Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)

【Nigiri sushi: Shiromi or Iromono
What is Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)?
Hiramasa is the same genus as Buri and grows up to 1 meter in length. It is a blue-backed fish but its meat is actually treated as a white fish. Hiramasa tends to prefer warmer sea waters than Buri and is found in the Pacific ocean from the open seas near Kinkasan southward, as well as in the Japan Sea from the Tsugaru strait, southward. There is a particularly large population on the west coast of Kyushu.

What does Hiramasa (Goldstriped amberjack) nigiri sushi taste like?
The most abundant components in the Hiramasa extract are histidine and anserine. Since anserine was not detected in the meat of Buri, it may be related to the difference in taste between the two.

There are also reports of Ciguatera fish poisoning caused by eating a large amount of very large Hiramasa, but there is no problem if the fish is eaten in normal amounts. If possible, large fish weighing more than 10 kg during the spawning season and caught in the south should be avoided.

Its flesh is almost the same as that of Buri, but it has a lower moisture content of around 60% and a higher fat content. Especially in summer, when it is in season, the fat content is close to 20%. When eaten, the meat is firm and has a wonderful crispiness. The fat content is also very light and has a nice aftertaste. It is suitable for nigiri sushi when the fish weighs 2 to 4 kg, and its original umami is unforgettable.

It is often raised on fish farms, so if you happen upon a natural Hiramasa when it is in season, do not hesitate to order it.

Also called Amberjack or Yellowtail.

【Substitute fish】
White Warehou

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