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White flesh fish

Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)
Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)

Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)

What is Hiramasa?
Fish that resembles Japanese amberjack. Enjoy the high-quality fat and firm texture. The fish weight of 2-4 kg is considered as grown and ready to be consumed. natural Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa) is prized by many people for being "glossy and markedly better tasting than Japanese amberjack (Buri)".

Trivia : The fat content of Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa) is about 8%, and it is popular for having a lighter flavor than the Japanese amberjack (Buri). The flavor is said to be best when the fish is 3 to 4 kg.

Also called Amberjack or Yellowtail.

Main production area

Miyagi Iwate Kagoshima

Famous production area