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White flesh fish

A photo of hiramasa nigiri
Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)

Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa)

What is Hiramasa?
Hiramasa is the same genus as buri and grows up to 1 meter in length. It is a blue-backed fish but its meat is actually treated as a white fish. Hiramasa tends to prefer warmer sea waters than buri and is found in the Pacific ocean from the open seas near Kinkasan southward, as well as in the Japan Sea from the Tsugaru strait, southward. There is a particularly large population on the west coast of Kyushu.

【Nigiri: Shiromi or Aomono】What does Hiramasa nigiri taste like?
Fish that resembles Japanese amberjack. Enjoy the high-quality fat and firm texture. The fish weight of 2-4 kg is considered as grown and ready to be consumed. natural Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa) is prized by many people for being "glossy and markedly better tasting than Japanese amberjack (Buri)".

【Substitute fish】
Nile perch: Lates niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Trivia: The fat content of Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa) is about 8%, and it is popular for having a lighter flavor than the Japanese amberjack (Buri). The flavor is said to be best when the fish is 3 to 4 kg.

Also called Amberjack or Yellowtail.

Main production area

Kagoshima Nagasaki Oita Ehime

Famous production area

Izu Islands