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Silver-skinned fish

Japanese halfbeak (Sayori)
Japanese halfbeak (Sayori)

Japanese halfbeak (Sayori)

Japanese halfbeak (Sayori) has been long loved by the Japanese as an ingredient in Edo style sushi, and its appearance ushers in the start of spring. Beautiful flesh with light flavor and distinctive aftertaste. Used to be served after vinegared and salted in order to get rid of the fishy smell but nowadays it is served raw. Sweet sushi oboro flakes are put in between shari and fish.

Trivia : Internal organs of Japanese halfbeak are all black and have a strong smell. Without taking them off carefully during a preparation, it would reduce the deliciousness by half. By the way "someone who is like a Japanese halfbeak" is used to describe someone who is blackhearted contrary to how he looks.

Main production area

Mie Hyougo Kanagawa Miyagi

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