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White flesh fish

A photo of kinmedai nigiri
Splendid alfonsino (Kinmedai)

Splendid alfonsino (Kinmedai)

What is Kinmedai?
Although sorted as sea bream, kinmedai(Splendid alfonsino or alfonsino)is deep-sea fish and very different from madai sea bream. Never considered a fine fish since it has sloppy meat, but with the excellent skill of Edo-style sushi chef, now it is one of the valued ingredients. Goes well with shari and popular among many sushi lovers.

Also called Berycoid fish.

【Substitute fish】
Warty dory: Allocyttus verrucosus (Gilchrist,1906)

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Main production area

Chiba Kanagawa Wakayama Nagasaki

Famous production area

Katsuura Choshi