What is Torokinme?

A photo of Fusenkinme.

Fusenkinme (Red bream) is occasionally caught along with Splendid alfonsino (Kinmedai). Until recently, they were considered to be the same species. Kinmedai has elongated slit-like posterior nostrils, while Fusenkinme has oval-shaped posterior nostrils. Kinmedai can grow over 50 cm long, whereas Fusenkinme stops at 40 cm.

Fusenkinme is fattier than Kinmedai and is called Aburakinme or Torokinme by fishermen, in areas that distinguish between Fusenkinme and Kinmedai, there is a difference in market price, but it is rarely distributed and is consumed locally.

Torokinme does not refer to the belly part of Kinmedai but to Fusenkinme, a rare species of Kinmedai. Incidentally, three Kinmedai, Nanyokinme, and Fusenkinme species are distributed in Japan.

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