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What is Salmon?
Salmon that is eaten raw is mostly imported after being farmed in Norway and Chile. Salmon’s good fat distribution, smooth texture and beautiful pink color make it a very popular sushi topping among all ages and genders. There are plenty of creative variations such as broiling the fish or adding mayonnaise.

Overseas, salmon and trout are separated by ecology, with individuals that go down to the sea being called "salmon" and those that spend time in fresh water being called "trout," but at sushi restaurants, there is no strict division. Salmon was instrumental in introducing sushi to the world, and is loved by people all over the world.

The term "salmon" mainly refers to Atlantic salmon and Rainbow trout, both of which are sea-farmed. In Japan, imported salmon is sometimes referred to as salmon rather than sake (or shake).

Tuna, white fish and other fish deteriorate over time, changing color as they do. When this happens, they can no longer be used as a sushi topping. However, salmon is unusual in that it does not change color over time. It can be used even if it is not at its freshest, and this can be attractive for the store because it creates less waste. But what about the customer?

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