List of sea urchin producers in Japan

In Japan, six types of sea urchins are caught: “Bafun uni”, “Ezobafun uni”, “Murasaki uni”, “Kitamurasaki uni”, “Aka uni”, and “Shirahige uni. At sushi restaurants, “Bafun uni” and “Ezobafun uni” are sometimes called “Aka uni (red sea urchin),” while “Murasaki uni” and “Kitamurasaki uni” are called “Shiro uni (white sea urchin). Generally, red sea urchins are considered more expensive than white sea urchins because red sea urchins are sweeter and last longer, but recently, due to the effects of sea desertification, the place of origin has become more important than the type of sea urchin.

The “Kitamurasaki uni” is distributed north of the Tohoku region and the “Murasaki uni” south of the Tohoku region, the “Ezobafun uni” north of the Tohoku region and the “Bafun uni” south of Matsushima Bay, respectively.

The “Kitamurasaki sea urchin” is distributed north of the Tohoku region and the “Murasaki sea urchin” south of the Tohoku region, the “Ezo-bafun uni” north of the Tohoku region and the “Bafun uni” south of Matsushima Bay, respectively.

“Ezobafun uni” and “Kitamurasaki uni” are caught on Rishiri Island and Rebun Island, “Bafun uni” and “Murasaki uni” on Shakotan Peninsula, “Bafun uni” on the four northern islands (Kunashiri Island, Etorofu Island, Shikotan Island and Chimai Islands) and Sakhalin Island, “Kitamurasaki uni” on Sanriku, Hakodate, Matsumae, Esashi and Okushiri Island, and others. Aka uni is caught in Yura, Karatsu, Hagi, Iki, and Amakusa. In Kagoshima and Okinawa, the word “sea urchin” refers to the “Shirahige uni”.

The price of that sea urchin has not stopped soaring. It is said that the price of sea urchin has doubled over the past few years. Combined with the weak yen, we hear that the Toyosu market is losing out to foreign sushi restaurants and other buyers. Increasing conflicts and rising sea temperatures are probably part of the reason for this. And foreigners visiting Japan are beginning to understand the deliciousness of sea urchin, so the number of foreigners who do not eat sea urchin is decreasing. The situation is such that the price of sea urchin is rising more and more.

We have made a list of sea urchin producers as far as we know. We honestly do not know how we should utilize this information, but we hope it will be useful.

Higashizawa Suisan (東沢水産)a photo of higashizawa uni
種類:Kitamurasaki uni

Hadate Suisan (羽立水産)a photo of hadate uni
〒049-2222 北海道茅部郡森町砂原2丁目19−1
種類:Kitamurasaki uni

Tachibana Suisan (橘水産 まるひろの生ウニ)a photo of tachibana unii
種類:Kitamurasaki uni

Daisen Komamine Kaisan (ダイセン駒嶺海産)a photo of daisen uni
種類:Kitamurasaki uni

Kaneyo Ouyo Suisan (カネヨ鴎洋水産)a photo of ouyou uni

Ichikawa Hokkai Suisan (イチカワ北海食品)a photo of ichikawa uni
種類:Ezo-bafun uni、Kitamurasaki uni

Marukuni Suisan (銀次郎 マルクニ水産)
a photo of hakouni

Okumura Suisan (マルタツ 奥村水産)
a photo of itauni
種類:Ensui uni

Ogawa foods (丸雅 小川フーズ)
 a photo of itauni

Kimura Suisan (カネキ 木村水産)
a photo of hakouni
種類:Ezo-bafun uni

Akiyama Suisan (マルケイ 秋山水産)
a photo of hakouni

Takahashi Shoten (マルタカ髙橋商店)
a photo of hakouni
種類:Nemuro・Northern territories(Murasaki uni、Ezo-bafun uni)

Konishi Shoten (丸幸 小西商店)
a photo of itauni

Ogawa shoten (小川商店)
a photo of ogawa uni
TEL 0142-76-2323
種類:Kitamurasaki uni、Bafun uni

Kawakatsu uni kakou (川勝うに加工)
a photo of akauni
種類:Murasaki uni、Aka uni

Hirakawa Suisan (マルキ 平川水産)
a photo of hako uni
種類:Farmed Bafun uni

Taisho Bussan (泰匠物産)
a photo of itauni
種類:Ensui uni

マルキョウ あかつき水産
種類:Northern territories

柊流海産 生ウニ
種類:Northern territories

種類:Kitamurasaki uni


マルカワ 川村水産

種類:Northern territories




Basically, even if you contact us, we are not sure if you can deal with us directly. As far as we know, for example, you would have to buy from an Intermediate wholesaler at the Toyosu market. And the ones with images are the Ita-uni (basic means of distribution are two types: on a plate and in salt water) that you often see at sushi restaurants.


We hope this information will be helpful.

Revision date: March 15, 2023

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Notes for visitors to the observation area at the Tsukiji wholesale fish market? (2017-2018)

We really don’t understand but there is a regulation, that taking photos is prohibited at a seafood wholesale market. And its visiting hours have recently changed from 10am11am) started from 15 June, 2018.

Even though cameras are forbidden as a rule, if you ask intermediate wholesalers for permission, they will gladly let you take pictures. It doesn’t seem quite right to me to have such a rule, as if it were an art museum.

We would like to thank all the intermediate wholesalers who willingly accepted me for shootings at their shops. We are praying you will carry on more thriving business.

We hope this information will be helpful.

Revision date: May 23, 2018

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