What is Dogtooth tuna (Iso maguro)?

a photo of Dogtooth tuna (Iso maguro)
Dogtooth tuna (Iso maguro) is a different type of fish, although it is named tuna.

Dogtooth tuna (Iso maguro) is distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical waters of the Middle and Western Atlantic and Indian Oceans. In Japan, it is distributed mainly in southern Japan and is abundant in the Ogasawara and Nansei Islands. They migrate to rocky reefs and coral reefs, either alone or in groups of several dozen. The total length is around 1.5 meters. Its scientific name is Gymnosarda unicolor (Rüppell, 1838). It belongs to a different group from bluefin, yellowfin, and relatives are not hard to imagine.

It resembles tuna and bonito but is easily distinguished by its wavy lateral line behind the body. It is characterized by the presence of scales only on the pectoral fins and the pectoral carapace around the corselet, and by its large mouth with harp piranha-like teeth.

Its light flesh is slightly softer and less fatty than that of tuna and has almost no acidity. It is easily damaged, has a slight odor, is not very tasty, and is not marketable. It is known more as a fishing target than as a food source. It is known more for its speed and pulling power than the Caranx family. Large Dogtooth Tuna can cause ciguatera poisoning, so be careful. This fish is often sold canned or frozen.


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Revision date: March 16, 2023

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